Anesthesia plays a key role in maximizing operating room effectiveness. Since 1978 Trident Anesthesia Group’s care teams have been consulted upon to evaluate, assess, and assume positioning within hospital anesthesia departments. Our core focus:

Cost Issues

We manage the subsidy.  Excessive anesthesia charges can often be attributed to bloated staffs, higher than average compensation, or difficulties in billing and/or collecting. In general, these can indicate a mismanaged anesthesia program. We implement the right reporting tools, processes, and staffing strategies.

Leadership Issues

We deploy effective Anesthesia Medical Directors.  They are crucial to any hospital-based anesthesia program’s long-term success. Our Medical Directors for both acute and ambulatory services are vital to daily operations and support the Organization by reviewing care team metrics, understanding staffing models and trends, fiduciarily managing the budget, and deploying reliable recruitment strategies to support the overarching mission of the enterprise.

Customer Service Issues

We provide world-class service to the patients in the communities we serve, surgeons, and perioperative staff and we create an unsurpassed patient anesthesia experience for all hospital and ASC stakeholders.

Quality Issues

With sophisticated technology we are able to credibly manage, measure, monitor, and deploy tactical metrics in a risk-based environment that achieve incremental and sustainable growth for the future.

Alignment Issues

We build teams with a moral compass focused on creating a culture of service excellence.  We share a common vision with a true-north objective carried out collaboratively and with integrity in the highest ‘esprit-de-corps’.  We take a caring, disciplined, and accountable approach in the development of a successful anesthesia service line and we invest in our people. 

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