Patient care is a collaborative effort. We understand that receiving separate bills from ancillary providers can be confusing. Anesthesia is an ancillary service. Therefore, the anesthesia bill is separate from the surgeon bill and the facility bill.

We will file your anesthesia claims to your primary, secondary, and tertiary insurances for you regardless of our network status. If you have questions regarding the anesthesia provider’s in-network status with your insurance carrier, please do not hesitate to contact our billing office prior to your procedure. Once your insurance companies have processed your claims, you will receive a bill from our office. The bill will reflect the balance due from you.

The anesthesia bill will provide you with an option to pay your payment in full or make a partial payment online using your unique access code. You can also mail in your credit card information or a check/money order to the remit address provided on your statement.

Additionally, you can also contact the billing office directly to make a payment over the phone, set up a payment plan, or ask any questions you may have regarding your statement.

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