The billing team at Trident Anesthesia Group provides comprehensive revenue cycle management services. Once the Anesthesiologists (MDAs), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), and Certified Anesthesia Assistants (CAAs) have completed the patient’s care, the revenue cycle begins and ends with our billing team. Our certified coders input the charges into our revenue cycle management system and the claims are filed to all insurance carriers. Our in-house reimbursement specialist posts and deposits all received revenue daily. The billing team promptly follows-up on any insurance denials, rejections, and problems to maximize cash flow. Trident Anesthesia Group’s billing account specialists are trained to appeal denied claims and work with local insurance representatives to resolve trending issues and recoup all monies due from insurance carriers. After the insurance billing cycle is complete, we bill the patients for any patient responsibility. We offer payment plans at no charge to patients and offer financial assistance to patients who qualify. Our patient account specialists are trained in our billing and financial policies to promptly recoup monies due from patients.

Our billing staff stays current with local and national collections laws, privacy acts and local insurance carrier policy changes in order to provide the most accurate and efficient billing practices.  This results in prompt and accurate billing by minimizing billing errors and avoiding rebilled claims. Trident Anesthesia Group’s billing team stays up to date with local coverage determination changes, medical billing procedure changes, and new and experimental procedures to ensure coding and billing efficiency. Our processes and procedures are continuously monitored in order to maintain maximum productivity. Through the consistent reporting of key performance indicators, an office-wide financial and billing policy, extensive and continuous staff training, and monitoring of the entire claims process our billing team prevails over the most common revenue cycle management challenges. 

Trident Anesthesia Group’s billing team truly offers a turnkey revenue cycle management service. The billing team is fully staffed with highly trained billing specialists ready to collect on any new billing opportunities. 

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